One touch music

Designed from the ground up for a touch screen, HoneyChord makes use of an isomorphic keyboard layout that allows you to play chords quickly and easily with just a finger!

Awesome Sounds

With four high quality built-in instruments, you are ready to start jamming right away with the Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, and Synthesizer.

Express yourself

HoneyChord makes use of the iPad’s Gyroscope so you can tilt and twist around for even more musical fun.

MIDI Compatible

Using Virtual MIDI, you can send MIDI messages to other iOS apps running in the background. Try using it with GarageBand for the iPad!

Chords, Chords, Chords

Learn all of your chords, in every key, in a matter of minutes!

  • Major Triad

  • Major 7

  • Major 9

  • Major 11

  • Major 13

  • Minor Triad

  • Minor 7

  • Minor 9

  • Minor 11

  • Minor 13

  • Dominant 7

  • Dominant 9

  • Dominant 11

  • Dominant 13